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Sep. 17th, 2020 07:27 pm
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Hello? Oh, hi! Nice to hear from you!


Haha just kidding! I'm not actually here right now! But if you'll leave a message, I'll call you right back!

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Name: Orihime Inoue
Canon: Bleach
Age: 17
Appearance: Something like this!
Dorm Room: Bubblegum 2C
Name: Electric Six
Power: Since Orihime's actual powers are basically a cross between Crazy Diamond and Sex Pistols, I see no reason to really change them up much. That would give her six six-inch tall fairies that can create a triangle shield (Gridlock), create a healing dome (Synthesizer), and a shot power (Body Shot), with a combo of shield and shot (Rubberband Man). For the sake of IC tension, I'd limit the healing powers to disallow bringing back the dead, and her shot is definitely not strong enough to do much damage to most enemies - a very serious scratch is what most will suffer. Also, as they are linked with Orihime's glass hairpins, they are easy to shatter by destroying the hairpins. As for creative uses, the shield could be used to lift or carry things, and the healing dome could also be used to contain or lock people or things inside. They can also be used for reconnaissance and may form new combinations as time goes on.
Appearance: They look like this!
Destructive Power: C (1m-10m), F (11+m)
Speed: A
Range: A
Durability: F
Precision: B
Development Potential: B
Name: CD
Contact: [plurk.com profile] holyfight
Availability: 9:30pm - 12:00pm EST
Permissions: Please ask before injury or death, otherwise do whatever!
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name: Orihime Inoue
fandom: Bleach
timeline: Chapter 591
age: 17
gender: female

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= love
= friends
= attracted to
= acquaintances
= dislikes

It's a long, long way down )
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As you may have gathered, Orihime's hairpins are the focus of her power. They serve three main functions: shielding, healing, and cutting. She has a fourth attack, which combines the shield with the cutter, as well. Even though the shielding and cutting are both really powerful, her biggest asset is her healing. According to one of the series villains, her healing is so powerful it "trespasses into the realm of the gods". What this means is that she can effectively raise the dead if she gets to them soon enough.

Her fairies are:

Santen Kesshun
Three Heavenly Linked Shield
- Baigon (plum blossom) - a huge bara looking mofo
- Hinagiku (daisy) - a skinny Spider Jerusalem looking mofo
- Lily - a chick with awesome sci-fi glasses and hot pink hair

Souten Kisshun
Twin Heavenly Return Shield
- Shunoh (marshmallow) - a blonde man with a ponytail who is also the leader
- Ayame (iris) - a shy girl in a kimono that hides behind her huge sleeves

Koten Zanshun
Solitary Heavenly Cutting Shield
- Tsubaki (Camellia) - an angry little fucker in a black leotard

Shiten Koushun
Four Heaven's Resistance Shield
This at first appears as a normal Santen Kesshun. When someone strikes it, Tsubaki is fired back at them with equal force.

All six fairies are aspects of Orihime's personality, which should tell you something about Orihime.

While Orihime's hairpins are very powerful, they're also very delicate. According to Hacchi, if they're damaged they can regenerate themselves, but it's bound to take a while. If it's one of her other four fairies, Shunoh and Ayame can usually heal them in a day or two. However, in the Box, Shunoh and Ayame have been severely damaged: their crystal 'petals' have been broken in two and the corresponding fairies manifest themselves as having been severely beaten.

As a consequence of this tampering, the Souten Kisshun has undergone a few changes. It is very ineffective and very inefficient, requiring much, much longer to heal wounds than Orihime is used to. It also uses much more of her reiatsu and can cause physical side effects. If used too much, too frequently, they will cause Orihime herself to die.

The two fairies will regenerate at a rate of about 5% per week, provided Orihime doesn't use them. If she does, they stall for that week. Once she has used them five times, it will deplete her health enough to die. If she goes a month without using them, one of the five strikes will be removed.

Current Souten Kisshun HP: 100% (12/1)

All better now, thanks to Fuu Hououji! Still leaving this post up to explain the hairpins, though!
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Player Name: CD
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] holyfight
Characters you have in the game: Ira Gamagoori!

Character Name: Orihime Inoue
Character Canon: Bleach
Canon Background: Now with more fairies!
Omegafriends Background: Orihime is a regular high school senior at Venture High. She's fairly popular with her classmates because of her friendly (if quirky) personality and good looks, even though she was picked on when she was younger. She lives with her older brother while Mom and Dad are overseas on an extended business trip. A really extended business trip. Unlike in Bleach, she has no powers; instead, she follows the antics of those who do.

That's right - she's a fangirl, a blogger, and an amateur photographer. If there's super-powered action happening, Orihime wants to be there, snapping pictures on her sandwich-shaped cell phone. To Orihime, superheroes are like the products of her imagination brought to life - the weirder, the better.

This sometimes leads to her getting into trouble by following the city's criminals whenever she sees them. After all, criminals attract superheroes, and can even have super powers of their own! And true to type, not only does she blog about what she sees, but also occasionally contributes photos to the school paper (for some reason, her writing usually gets turned down - might be because she inserts conspiracy theories and wild back stories for anything she witnesses. Some of them might even be true!).

Personality: At first blush, Orihime might seem a bit like a ditz. The side of herself that she chooses to show to everyone (particularly her friends) is happy-go-lucky, cheerful, helpful, and very friendly. She's overwhelmingly kind and fairly innocent and tends to invoke a protective response in those around her. This doesn't mean she's stupid or childish by any means; she does well in her classes and can be quite pragmatic and creative in dangerous situations. But she does lack a certain degree of self-awareness and "street smarts" that might make it seem otherwise. She also has a unique appetite, often making food based on puns or just plain strange combinations (like honey wasabi ramen or egg parfait over rice).

She has a vivid, overactive imagination that seems to be inspired a lot by television and those around her often see flashes of it at the oddest times. It seems to work faster than her mouth in a lot of cases - in one instance in canon, she's asked by her best friend Tatsuki whether she's ever been to the park with their mutual friend Ichigo, and this ends in her telling herself to watch out because someone has a gun. It's not that Orihime automatically went park=>guns; she had a (somewhat) natural thought progression from being in the park with Ichigo, to racing Ichigo to the teeter-totter, to racing Ichigo in the Olympics, to winning the track and field competition, to winning the world heavyweight title, to an assassin in the crowd at the boxing match. Likewise, when her class is assigned to make pictures of themselves in "the future", Orihime takes the assignment figuratively instead of literally. Instead of drawing herself as she imagines she'll be in the real future, she draws herself in a Jetsons-esque robot-and-flying-car "future" as a hyper-destructive robot. It isn't that Orihime thinks she will really become a giant robot; it's that she imagined herself in a creative, "futuristic" way. This strange imagination also comes out with perfect comedic timing to break tense situations - for instance, during an argument between Ichigo and Tatsuki, Orihime interrupts them just to ask how her personal themesong should go. This just goes to show that she is not only somewhat self-aware of her personality quirks, but that she can use them at will.

Orihime can be insecure, especially when she sees that her friends need help. Without powers, she can't do much against any supervillains except use her ingenuity; it might be fun to film the big slugfests, but being reminded that there are people in danger and she can't help much will really hurt her. But that in and of itself should be more of a confidence lesson or Aesop, should it happen - after all, you don't need super powers to be a hero!

To sum up, the Orihime that people should see on a day-to-day basis is a happy-go-lucky, quirky girl with a colorful imagination and insatiable curiosity. She'll get up in the supers' business, hero and villain alike, and might even write a little fanfic here and there. And she'll always be looking for the perfect timing to crack a joke or two!

Powers: NA! 100% pure human here!

Sample: Pirate time!
Grocery shopping!
Following the heroes!
And as a bonus, have a TFLN with Ishida-kun!


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(still under construction) For use in Fate/ memes!

Archer )
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Everything: Just use common sense? If you're going to try and kill my character, or do something world-breaking with her, ask first. I'm pretty easy going, but things like death, mutilation, and rape are going to need some serious discussion first.

And as always, if you don't want my character to do something to yours, I'll always give you a couple comments to tell me to stop (either ICly or OOCly). Just speak up and I'll figure out something else to do.

IC Inbox!

Apr. 15th, 2012 07:14 pm
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Hello! This is Orihime! Who's this?

Ahaha, just kidding! I'm really not here! You've reached Inoue Orihime's answering machine! I'm sorry I'm not available to take your call, but please leave your message in the drop box below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you!

HMD post!

Oct. 15th, 2010 09:59 pm
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Questions, comments, and concerns about Orihime (or any of my other characters) go here! I don't think I have anon enabled and IP logging should be on, for the record.
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So, for those of you familiar with Bleach, there's this thing called the Hueco Mundo Arc, that's eaten the past three years or so like some kind of destructive fungus or kudzu or something. The best way to summarize the Hueco Mundo Arc is as follows:

- Ulquiorra gives Orihime an ultimatum: Come back with me, or I kill EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR. She complies.
- Orihime heals Grimmjow's arm for Aizen, thus ensuring that Luppi never troubles fandom again.
- Ichigo flips the fuck out and with the help of Ishida, Chad, Renji, Rukia, and Urahara, goes storming into Hueco Mundo to save her.
- Aizen and Ulquiorra proceed to brainfuck Orihime for roughly 70 chapters, causing her to emo a lot.
- Fandom eats itself because, like the sandy wastes of Hueco Mundo, the story goes on and on and on and on, seemingly forever.
- Turn Back the Pendulum finally comes and brings the sweet, sweet release of flashback chapters. And then Charlotte Coolhorn shows up and some Vice Captains get mutilated and fandom is happy again.

So I've decided to take Orihime from right as she's coming back to Earth from training with Rukia in Soul Society. Why?

- I don't like the idea of taking her from the middle of a half-finished story arc. To put it in perspective, it'd be like taking Rukia from the middle of the Soul Society arc. And since there's no telling when she'll actually ever LEAVE Hueco Mundo, I think it's better to take her from the last point before the beginning of that arc until it's finished.

- Part of the mindgame Aizen plays with Orihime is to isolate her from any friendly influence. For almost the entirety of the arc, she's by herself in enemy territory. Now, not only is this NOT going to be the case in ANY multi-fandom RPG you throw her into, but it drastically changes her personality from the 26 volumes prior to the arc (and thus from anything you're likely to see her do in a multi-fandom RPG, where at least half the given population is prone to being friendly towards her). Thus isolated, Orihime doesn't have to concern herself with maintaining a cheerful façade for her friends (or anyone else she's likely to encounter outside of Hueco Mundo), and sinks into depression. So basically, there'd be no point in taking her from a hostile environment where she's lonely and depressed, and throwing her into an environment that's going to bring her right back around to how she acted before the arc even started.

- Normal!Hime is much more fun and fulfilling to play than Emo!Hime, in my opinion. I've had my fill of ANGST and EMO in RP, and I like to avoid it when I can.

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One Year Ago

Me: Wow, Bleach is awesome. Screw what fandom says, Orihime's especially crazy awesome! But I just got Hakufu and I'm content with her, so I will suppress the urge to app her because they are similar. Oooh, Nanao is shiny! MUST APP HER!

Three Months Ago

Me: I kind of want to app Orihime somewhere. Tell me I shouldn't do that.
Matsu: Don't app Orihime.
Me: Well, I didn't really mean it, but okay. :(

One Month Ago

Me: So Keigo and Chizuru, I was thinking of possibly maybe apping Orihime into CFUD next app round.
Keigo and Chizuru: skldjfsksjdks YES PRZ!

Three Weeks Ago

Me: I am apping Orihime at CFUD, LET ME TELL YOU HOW, TIBARN!!! I would so app her in Micro, but I wouldn't feel comfortable without at least someone from the Karakura cast with her.
Tibarn: So I have an extra character spot that I don't know what to do with since Ulqui apped Shunsui - I could app Tatsuki?
Me: Well, Keigo mentioned that if we got a Karakura cast in Micro, he might app Keigo?
Tibarn: >:D
Me: >:D

Keigo: Holy crap, I must app Keigo, then! *does so, like the wind!*
Rukia: *apps and rocks socks!*
Me: Alas, I must wait until apps open in CFUD to app into Micro, lest my sekrit identity be revealed! But it will totally be worth the wait!

Ten Days Ago

A Wild Ichigo: *appears!*
Matsu: Hey, CD, there's an Ichigo on Micro's app page...
Me: Wow, it's a Karakura rush! Maybe I should go ahead and app Hime before anyone else does...
Matsu: Probably.
Keigo: Hey, did you see the Ichigo? Maybe you should go ahead and app Hime before anyone else does.
Me: *flails and does so!*

Five Days Ago

Me and Tibarn: OMG our intro post, it is amazing! We love everything!


Matsu: Have you gotten your app beta'd?
Me: Nah, it's cool.
Keigo and Tibarn: Y-Yay? :D;;;;



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